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Equipment Breakdown: On The Upside …

Stiletto Wheels Emailing Thank You

Quick as I am to complain about poor service, today, I am lauding great service from Medequip, Heathrow, in response to a breakdown in a piece of my essential equipment that occurred this past weekend.

It was my bed – a special, all-moving-parts, bed – provided two years ago that is critical in controlling my ongoing pressure sore problem. A motor fell off completely; bolt sheared; no sitting position possible.

Aagh! I cannot sit all day, every day, in my wheelchair without damaging the fragile skin on and around my pressure sore.

With the horrors of broken skin and infection fresh in my mind, I spent the weekend struggling to cope and worrying about how I would be able to get the problem fixed – my past experiences in getting speedy repairs done to essential local authority equipment (my hoist) have been dire.

However on this occasion, Medequip, Heathrow, who have the current maintenance contract for my local authority,  rose way above my expectations and mended my broken bed within two days – miraculous.

I was so giddily elated with the sheer relief of such a prompt and effective service that I dashed off the following email to them:

Re: Great service from your staff

I am as quick as everyone is to criticise poor service but I am so happy to say thank you for the great service provided this week from your staff.

My essential, all-moving-parts, bed, provided by my local authority and maintained by yourselves, broke last weekend.

From my initial call to Medequip Heathrow, first thing yesterday (Monday) morning your staff’s response has been both speedy and effective.

In particular, that of your engineer/technician, Chris, who has just left today (Tuesday afternoon) having resolved my problem, leaving me with a fully functional bed. He has been amazingly proficient, competent and pleasant with it.

Great service. Thank you.

Today, comfortably ensconced, sitting upright in my fully functional bed, I am still almost weeping with the relief of not having had to struggle with the days, even weeks, of pain, discomfort and bureaucracy that I was expecting.

This level of service should be no more than anyone would expect when it relates to such essential items in our lives but, so often, as in so many areas of our day to day functioning, it isn’t what we get, is it? And yet, it makes so much difference to the quality of my/our/everyone’s life.

So, this is me calling it as I received it, spreading the positivity:

Well done, Medequip, Heathrow, and thanks again.

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