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Sunday Lunch At Hurley House

Hurley House Hotel: Restaurant

Hurley House Hotel: Restaurant

Still hunting for the elusive, birthday-occasion-worthy, outside-but-close-to London restaurant, with wheelchair access, good for vegetarians, including non-cheese eating vegetarians, we drove across to Hurley House Hotel last Sunday, prompted by a Saturday Times review indicating good food and space.

Hurley House certainly fit our criteria for outside-but-close to London. From Ealing, it was a mere thirty five minute drive, all on major roads. This is well within my bladder comfort zone so that’s a huge plus.

Wheelchair access was brilliant with great parking, sturdy slopes to the door and a level entrance with a threshold bump barely worthy of note.

The restaurant vibe was comfortable but, for me, it had a bit too much of a pub ‘thing’ going on. Low ceilings. Lots of wood. Prominent bar. I appreciate that this is cosy, warming, intimate – all good things – but if I want a pub then I’ll go to a pub.

I wanted a restaurant. However, it’s gotta be said, my family would definitely probably prefer a pub …

Persuasively for me, it is very easy wheeling. Much more friendly to the wheels than most pubs are. Spacious. The tables had central poles but I was able to tuck to the side with no problem.

It’s the kind of place where you meet up with friends for Sunday Lunch, which is exactly what we did on this occasion with some good mates who live out this way.

The menu, view on-site, continued by upgrading your expectations of country pub food and, it being a Sunday, we all, but one, hit the beef and Yorkshire puds. Very nice it was. A vegetarian option for starter and main was offered and the kitchen happily left out the Parma ham on a fish dish at our veggie/fish-eating friend’s request.

With some yummy desserts, drinks and coffees, we spent, a very reasonable, £60 per head.

Despite my (London biased) whinging, I shall be running Hurley House though the family vetting panel as it really does tick pretty much all our birthday occasion boxes and I’d enthusiastically revisit any time I fancied a decent pub lunch or supper.

Hurley House Hotel, Henley Road, Hurley, Berkshire, SL6 5LH.

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