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Illustration by David Shillinglaw: Only Human. In collaboration with Culture Label and Mind, the mental health charity.

Peace Of Mind

I do think one of the most effective ways of raising money for, and awareness of, chronic illness is through collaboration with art and artists. Art,…

Elle, Stiletto Wheels: Yay, PIP success

PIP Success

The letter plopped through my postbox over the weekend and I felt like a Gold medal winner at Chelsea – my transfer from DLA to PIP…

The Superhumans

The Superhumans

I read an article by Lucy Catchpole last week: I love Channel 4’s Paralympics advert. But we can’t all be superhumans and it made me laugh. Do…

Stiletto Wheels Question Mark

Right to Benefits?

A week or two back, I was concerned to read media attacks on Katie Price who receives welfare state support for her disabled son, Harvey. The attacks seemed, in…